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Lantek Analytics: лучший союзник интеллектуального управления данными

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16 окт 2020
16 окт 2020
16 окт 2020
16 окт 2020
#Цифровизация производства
#Эффективное производство
Есть своевременная поговорка, которая гласит: «слишком много знаний не бывает», что может быть верным для знаний, но не для данных, и в мире, где данные умножаются, правильное и точное управление ими при принятии решений может быть решающим фактором между успехом или провалом проекта.

In the Big Data era where data is as relevant as it is abundant, a tool like Lantek Analytics is the perfect complement for guaranteeing access to key information on the productive process that is both reliable and provided in real time or, equally, effective management of information and data that results in substantial gain for the company.

Lantek Analytics leaves nothing to chance when checking data, providing information that ranges from the performance of each machine to the efficiency of a line or a plant. Analytics also carries out a thorough analysis of clients’ production order history and the company’s sales channels, meaning that you can make predictions in an aim to foresee future orders as well as to facilitate efficient quoting.

Lantek Analytics X-Ray

Analytics offers clear advantages in these fields:

1.- Production planning.

2. Production efficiency improvement.

3.- Business insight improvement.

Production planning

Up until very recently, production planning was virtually carried out by hand, which led to and, in some cases, continues to lead to mistakes and low efficiency. In this context, Lantek MES has come to put an end to these mistakes, allowing much more accurate and efficient management.

What’s more, Lantek Analytics brings together a number of advantages that help to plan production. Among them:

-       Traceability. A system that is connected allows data to flow correctly through the different stages of production without loss in the processes.

-       Workshop planning management. Analytics makes it possible to analyze order history by means of data management to facilitate planning in the workshop.

-       Planning under project. Manufacturing in several plants requires a specific strategy using what is known as advanced planning. For these cases, Lantek carries out customized projects and, for this, it relies on a system for collecting all manufacturing data and advanced algorithms, which consolidates global production needs and puts forward manufacturing plans according to objectives defined at all times and measures the results monitoring changes in production processes to see if they are detrimental or make improvements.

Production efficiency improvement

Improving productive efficiency is another of the challenges to which Lantek Analytics provides a satisfactory response. This improvement is precisely what the general digitization of companies and, more specifically, Analytics aims to achieve.

Among the tool’s achievements in terms of production efficiency, the following should be highlighted:

-       It allows you to eliminate non-productive work.

-       It saves material.

-       It eliminates information islands by unifying systems.

-       It reduces requirements in raw material and human resources.

-       It increases the productivity of machines.

Business insight improvement

The more we know about our business, the better we will manage it, so everything that helps us improve our business knowledge is good for the company.

Decisions based on the correct exploitation of data are much more likely to be accurate than those based on an erroneous analysis of the information.

Lantek Analytics offers us accurate and pertinent data to manage safely and, what’s more, it does so with a triple response:

-       Production process analytics.

-       Sales analytics.

-       Control panel that analyses historical data and helps to make future decisions,

There’s no doubt about it, information has been, is and will always be synonymous with power. And, in the 21st century when we’re facing more uncertainties than certainties, the proper management of this information has a direct impact on cost savings and, therefore, implies an improvement for our clients’ income.

For all of these reasons, being left behind when it comes to data management simply isn’t an option in an increasingly complicated and competitive market in which decision-making can position us in the future or leave us behind forever.

Data, Big Data are nothing by themselves. The value of the data depends directly on its exploitation which must be correct, adequate and on time, Lantek Analytics is, with no shadow of a doubt, your best ally for precisely that.